A story of greed, envy, sloth and ego. 

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By: Stephen Hollevy



Law Firm Down is the fictional story of the rise and fall of a mid-sized, mid-town Manhattan law firm told through anecdotes which unveil the inner workings, personal relationships and client interactions of a successful, on the rise law firm, which, in a few short years, becomes a business doomed to failure.

Although not a mystery, it entails the murder of one of the partners, a homicide rooted in the dysfunctional environment that prevails in the last years of the firm’s 85-year existence. The partner’s murder is a one-person crime that is easily solved, but the death of the firm is a puzzle of many pieces not readily put together and that is where the heart of the story lies. The failings, dirty laundry and crimes that make up the long arc of moral and professional decay  of the fictional firm holds a bright light to the transformation of the practice of law over the past five decades from a profession to a business and highlights the price paid along the way by all those involved. It is a story of greed, envy, sloth and ego.

The book is targeted both to people in the legal field and those many outsiders with a desire to peek behind the curtain to better understand a profession they distrust but with which they are compelled to be in constant contact.